Welcome to Hack the Earth!
People Focused, Earth Centered
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  • Date: Saturday, April 16.

  • Location: Emory Math and Science Center (MSC) Room E208.

  • Registration: Register here by April 15th.

  • Dress code: Casual, but please no PJs!
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  • Contact: You can email us at air.emory@emory.edu.
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  • Date: Friday, March 18th – March 20th.

  • Location: Online.

  • Eligibility: 6th to 12th graders in teams of up to five students.

  • Registration: Register here by March 11th.

  • Prizes: Recognition on our website, a private session with representatives from Airly, Microsoft, and Emory, and a cash prize of up to $250.
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  • Hack the Earth: People Focused, Earth Centered" is Emory’s environmental hackathon, where participants from across Atlanta compete to create solutions to real issues in less than 36 hours. Teams of up to 5 students will have the opportunity to attend skill sessions, network with industry professionals (including Microsoft and Airly employees and Emory students and professors) and win cash prizes!

  • The hackathon will be hosted online. After an introductory session, teams will meet with their mentors and begin working on a solution to one of the issues presented in the case files.

  • Competition Resources:

  • Case files: Teams will be provided a set of case files (research papers, articles, and data sets) to use while creating their solutions. You will be able to download these files from this site after the competition starts.

  • Office hours: Emory students are available to advise teams throughout the competition, in addition to employees from Microsoft and Airly. Check back here to find a mentor, and use their Calendly link to setup a meeting.

  • Contact: If you need to reach out to the hackathon organizers before/during the competition, email us at air.emory@emory.edu.